(Subject to change)

H.H.S.I General Meetings
Town Hall 1:00 P.M.
Saturday April 14               Tom Goldsmith          Relative of Titanic Disaster-Memories on the                     **Meeting 2pm***                                                             106th Anniversary​

Saturday July 21                John Burke                 200th Anniversary​​ of the Great Hinckley Hunt

Saturday November 3       Dr James Bank          WWI Speaker​


Sunday March 18, 2018Buzzard Day-Hinckley Elementary 7am-3pm
                                                          Historical House Open: 9am-4pm​

Saturday April 28, 2018                    Spring Fever-Historical House Open 10am-4pm

Sunday May 20, 2018                       Dandelion Drive-Spring Event-HHSI open 11am-5pm

Monday May 28, 2018                      Memorial Day Parade 9am

Saturday July 21, 2018                    200th Celebration of Great Hinckley Hunt-John Burke-1pm

Saturday August 4, 2018                 Antique Appraisal 10am-2pm

Saturday September 8, 2018        Community Garage Sale 8am-4pm

Saturday October 27, 2018             Hinckley Halloween Haunt 4pm-6pm​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​